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Our Shared Hosting is ideal for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to save money with their web hosting. Whether you're just starting out or already running an on-line business...
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All our plans allow you to host
Unlimited Websites.
All these websites are managed using one Hosting Control Panel (cPanel).

Who We Are - About Us.

ZeoHost.com is a fast growing hosting company run by and for people who make business on the web, founded in the autumn of 2006. We are not the biggest company around but we never forget that we are working for your business! Waiting for your comments and suggestions. Please feel free to write to us: sales@zeohost.com .

ZeoHost.com uses "The Planet" to provide its customers with excellent network connectivity with minimal downtime, located in Houston and Dallas, Texas (USA). The Planet's datacenter houses over 35,000 square feet of state of the art server and network hardware and is second to none in the hosting industry. Choosing ZeoHost.com means that your sites will be accessible via a fully meshed and redundant Certified Cisco Network featuring 10 backbone providers.

Our servers run only Dual Opteron, Dual XEON or Pentium 4 processors for maximum efficiency. A minimum of 4GB of server-grade DDR RAM is fitted into each of these machines. And a minimum of 200 Gigabyte Hard Drives in a RAID1 or RAID5 configurations. This means all our systems can tolerate at least 1 hard disk failure with no downtime.






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